May 2015 Links, Part 1

Here are the links I enjoyed in April and the first half of May:


I’ve been looking to stick to one language, as much as possible, so that I build up a large library of software over time. The last 10 years I’ve been jumping from cool language to cool language, starting from scratch every time. I see now that the language doesn’t matter as much as the code you build with it, and right now I’m leaning toward none other than Java. I’ll discuss my reasoning in another post, but I’ve been re-acquainting myself with the language this month.

  • Learn Java From the Ground Up – it’s cool to see someone discuss Java as if you’ve never heard of it before!
  • Awesome Scala – a collection of interesting Scala work on GitHub
  • Modern Java – a great three-part series on what’s good in the Java space these days
  • Lambdas, InvokeDynamic and the DLR – A good comparison of java8’s dynamic capabilities vs. the DLR
  • Oracle Nashorn – I’m struggling to imagine why I would care about Jython or Jruby if I have a fully-functional javascript engine built into the Java SDK. Fewer dependencies outweigh small language differences most of the time.

Pixel Art

Retro-style art made by placing individual pixels…

Interactive Fiction

You know… like Zork

Computing History


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